Karan Akshay and Twinkle Khanna - Your Funny Friends

In this case, Karan Akshay and Twinkle Khanna. They became friends in the social media sphere. But when they met, it was some time ago. But in the same time, Karan Akshay is suddenly looking for her friend again!

koffee with karan akshay and twinkle khanna

They are now two comedy duos, when they were just their friends and they have a great chance to be funny. But there is still a hurdle that they can't clear. The obstacles will help you find your way to the right path to solve your problem!

Karan Akshay and Twinkle Khanna. They both are from Chennai, India. Their life was never normal, but they have found their normal way with their career and their friendship.

Before they started their new adventure, Karan Akshay made a 'documentary' in which she was complaining about people with less talent than her. After that, they both decided to do a prank on others! A prank is when you make fun of someone you don't like!

While they were filming their film, Karan told Twinkle, 'You look like a God'! This shocked her, as she never thought of such a thing! However, the reaction from other people was an absolute surprise!

Twinkle was disappointed in herself, because her looks were poor. She was sure that it was not going to change because she had a poor career. However, the two decided to let her face her problem and laugh at her. The result was not what they expected, but that's the reason for laughing.

Later on, when they started their comedy together, the two didn't have any fear about making fun of their friends. It was just a matter of accepting that they were a comedy duo! There was no confidence as to whether they could reach the goal.

Akshay was so good, but the two couldn't make it together with their chemistry! Their passion could not flow with each other. Despite this, they were made to work together for the same common cause! They wanted to give the right audience what they deserved.

Jeevan Jaitely and Twinkle Khanna. They are also from the same country, so they're already good friends. They have always been the funniest duo that I have ever seen.

Kamal Sharma and Twinkle Khanna. They're also from the same city, so they're already good friends. They've been co-workers since then. But this time, they decided to become friends with each other in order to solve their problems!

With the two funny friends working together, they were able to achieve their goal of making people laugh. With such a team of funny friends, you will certainly be laughing!

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